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Portraits By Don Stephens Art

           In Portrait Work I enjoy the challenge of finding something other than just the depiction alone. Sure a likeness is sort after for identification purposes; but, that expressive quality is the true challenge. To move toward a rendition of the subject that conveys the spirit and character within the individual or group being realized by the gaze of Don Stephens is the Portrait Journey.

          This is achieved by Don Stephens understanding of Drawing with expressive and gestural handling of materials such as: Charcoal & Chalk, Graphite, Conte and Sepia Crayons, Ballpoint Pen, Pen & Ink, Brush and India Ink and anything that will allow the manipulation of a Dry Mark. Lastly it is this Sketchy Gestural control that strikes the viewer's eye as a true energizer toward the Power of the Portrait Commission.

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