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Don Stephens Close Up

In Drawing and Painting I’ve found this profound interest early on and since those times Art for me is liken to normal bodily functions. I've been asked numerous times “What would you consider is your work about?” well I am what you would call a Figurative Expressive Artist. Utilizing the human experience to express the dance between the Subjective and Objective suggestions of the expressive time I am in- raw from the guts of the everyday and not so everyday. Merging and juxtaposing representational items with the figure maneuvering gestural movements to heighten the psychological impact of my work. Within my observations I have formulated my own visual syntax that has been described as expressive, informative and imaginative simply by maneuvering material and experiences to convey a certain moment in time and space. Yes Artist should be free to do what he or she does but I have chosen always to seek the opportunity to never be afraid to do what I might do.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Don Stephens Art

3237 Amber St

Philadelphia Pa 19134

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